#TeamMLE has been rocking and rolling these past two weeks!

#TeamMLE has been rocking and rolling these past two weeks!

#TeamMLE has been rocking and rolling these past two weeks!

Our #MLEhunters were out in full force at the Blue Rock Classic at Swan Lake! Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses brought home some great ribbons with sale horses Balou De L’Ange and Le Goff, as well as Rice Show Stable’s Gladiator in the 1.0m and 1.05m Jumpers. Marylisa Leffler of Rolling Acres Show Stables had an outstanding weekend, earning a Champion title in the 3′ Low Hunters on Carlot, a Reserve Champion on Connie McRill’s Sambuko in the 3′ Low Hunters, and another Champion on Riverwind Farm’s Casamigos in the 3′ Green Hunter. She also took Champion on Chime in the 3’6″/3’9″ Green Hunter, and brought home lots of blue ribbons with Gentleman Jack in the 1.30m and 1.35m classes. Plus, she claimed victories with Zaza Z in both the Blue Rock Grand Prix and the Open Jumper Welcome Stakes! Ashley Worthington of Rolling Acres Show Stables finished the weekend with fantastic ribbons in the 1.20m and 1.15m on Peyton Kanstoroom’s Jamaica Van Paemel, and a Reserve Champion in the 2’9″ USHJA Hunters with Brenna Doherty’s Saint Tropez. Brett Shear-Heyman of Penny Leigh LLC had a wonderful weekend with top placings in the 1.10m and 1.15m Open Jumpers with Haley Carspecken’s Get Out, and in the 1.15m and 1.05m Open Jumpers with sale horse Melino PL.

Not to be outdone, the #MLEeventers really shined these past two weekends!

At the Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials, Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses piloted four horses from Beginner Novice to Training. Congratulations to Martin and Frame Galactic Z for their 3rd place finish in Open Beginner Novice, and to Martin and Silvio Pappalardo’s Pure Biz for their 2nd place in Open Training. Hailey Gahan of Allison Springer Eventing brought home a blue ribbon with sale horse TN My Halo in Open Training. Courtney Waskiewicz of Defying Gravity Eventing had fantastic rounds, earning her a 2nd place in Open Novice with Krysta Paradis’s Where’s My Tail.

This past weekend at the Virginia Horse Center Eventing Horse Trials, Kim Severson of Kim Severson Eventing earned a 4th place in Open Intermediate with Roz and Bill Johnson’s Cooley Corraghy Diamond. Skyeler Voss of Morningside Eventing took home a 3rd place in Open Training-A with Anna Gibson’s Nautical 54.

Finally, at the MDHT Highland Series Horse Trials, Daniel Clasing of Clasing Equestrian secured a 2nd place finish in Training-A with Angela Bowles’s Excel Star Aurora. Courtney Waskiewicz finished the weekend with a 3rd place in Training-B and Reserve Champion TIP with Didi Callahan’s Palm D’Oro.

5/25-26: MDHT Highland Series Horse Trials (Adamstown, MD)

  • Daniel Clasing of Clasing Eventing with Excel Star Aurora (owned by Angela Bowles): 2nd in Training-A
  • Courtney Waśkiewicz of Defying Gravity Eventing with …
    • Hand Rail (owned by Didi Callahan): 5th in Modified + Reserve Champion Modified TIP 
    • Palm D’Oro (owned by Didi Callahan): 3rd in Training-B + Reserve Champion Training TIP 

5/23-26: Virginia Horse Center Eventing Horse Trials (Lexington, VA)

  • Kim Severson of Kim Severson Eventing with Cooley Corraghy Diamond (owned by Roz & Bill Johnson): 4th in Open Intermediate
  • Allison Springer of Allison Springer Eventing with …
    • Castle Howard Romeo (owned by Frances Robinson): 5th in Open Intermediate 
    • Monbeg Zebedee (owned by The Zebedee Group): 6th in CCI3*-S
  • Skyeler Voss of Morningside Eventing with Nautical 54 (owned by Anna Gibson): 3rd in Open Training-A

5/18-19: Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses with …
    • Galactic Frame Z (owned by TFSH): 3rd in Open Beginner Novice
    • Delta Dawn PVF (for sale!): 7th in Open Beginner Novice
    • Pure Biz (owned by Silvio Pappalardo): 2nd in Open Training
    • Johnny Walker P (for sale!): 4th in Open Training 
  • Hailey Gahan of Allison Springer Eventing with TN My Halo (for sale!): 1st in Open Training 
  • Megan Hopkins with Night Moves: 6th in Modified 
  • Courtney Waśkiewicz of Defying Gravity Eventing with …
    • Chancellor (owned by Lisa Smith): 7th in Open Novice


5/15-19: Blue Rock Classic @ Swan Lake (Littlestown, PA)

  • Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses with …
    • Balou de L’Ange (for sale!): 6th in 1.05m Jumper
    • Gladiator (owned by Rice Show Stables): 1st in 5-year-old Young Jumper + 7th in 1.0m Jumper
    • LeGoff (for sale!): 8th in 1.05m Jumper
  • Marylisa Leffler of Rolling Acres Show Stables with …
    • Carlot: Champion 3’ Low Hunter
    • Casamigos (owned by Riverwind Farm): Champion 3’ Green Hunter 
    • Chime: Champion 3’6”/3’9” Green Hunter
    • Gentleman Jack: 1st & 1st in $1,000 1.30m Open Jumper + 1st in $1,000 1.30/1.35m Open Jumper 
    • Sambuko (owned by Connie McRill): Reserve Champion 3’ Low Hunter
    • Zaza Z (owned by RAF): 1st in $25,000 Blue Rock Grand Prix + 1st in $7,500 Open Jumper Welcome Stakes
  • Brett Shear-Heyman of Penny Leigh with …
    • Get Out (owned by Haley Carspecken): 2nd in 1.10m Open Jumper + 3rd in 1.15m Open Jumper + 10th in 1.05m Jumper
    • Melino PL (for sale!): 2nd in $250 1.15m Open Jumper + 2nd in 1.05m Jumper + 5th in $500 1.15m Open Jumper
  • Ashley Worthington of Rolling Acres Show Stables with …
    • Jamaica Van Paemel (owned by Peyton Kanstoroom): 4th & 5th in $500 1.20m Open Jumper + 2nd in $250 1.15m Open Jumper
    • Kochanie FVF (owned by Ashley Schoenberg): 6th in 0.80m Jumper
    • Luander (owned by Hillary Johnson): 8th & 10th in $500 1.20m Open Jumper + 2nd in $250 1.10m Open Jumper
    • Saint Tropez (owned by Brenna Doherty): Reserve Champion 2’9” USHJA Hunters
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