We love to see these smiling #TeamMLE faces!!

We love to see these smiling #TeamMLE faces!!



We love to see these smiling #TeamMLE faces!! We work hard, and seeing these smiling faces and happy horses makes it more than worth it. It is an honor to be part of so many journeys!





ūüďłBrett and student from Penny Leigh LLC; Kelley from A Bit Better Farm; and Skyeler from Morningside Eventing


6/17-18: The Horse Park of New Jersey Horse Trials I (Allentown, NJ)

  • Matthew Brown of East West Training with …¬†
    • Alderwood (owned by Shelly Onderdonk): 3rd¬†in Advanced¬†
    • Excel Star Marvelous¬†Mr¬†Marius: 6th¬†in Open Novice
    • Riverview Starboy: 5th¬†in Open Preliminary¬†
  • Skyeler Voss of Morningside¬†Eventing¬†with Argyle: 1st¬†in Advanced


6/17-18: Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials (Poolesville, MD)

  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 6th¬†in Open Modified + TIP Modified Reserve Champion
  • Katie Wherley of Katie Wherley Equestrian with Grateful Heart: 7th¬†in Open Preliminary
  • Kelley of A Bit Better Farm with ‚Ķ
    • Banking On You (owned by Kim Keating): 1st¬†in Starter-3 + TIP Starter Champion
    • Indy Ride (for sale!): 4th¬†in Starter-1
    • Run Far (for sale!): 1st¬†in Starter-1


6/14-18: Loundoun Benefit Horse Show (Upperville, VA)

  • Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses with ‚Ķ
    • Allora NBF (owned by Cindy Spooner): 1st¬†in 1.10m 5-year-old Young Jumper Stake + 4th¬†in 1.0m Jumpers
    • Arold (owned by Jane Harrigan): 1st¬†in 0.80m Schooling Jumpers
    • Populist Tap RVF (owned by Lindsey Morris): 6th¬†in 1.0m Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumper Classic + 8th¬†& 8th¬†in 1.0m Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers
  • Mary Lisa Leffler of Rolling Acres Show Stables with ‚Ķ
    • Ascalitta¬†SBK Z: 1st¬†in 1.20m Jumpers
    • Candidate (owned by Katie Triantos): 2nd¬†in 3′ Salem Farm Welcome
    • Casamigos¬†(owned by¬†Riverwind¬†Farm): 2nd¬†& 3rd¬†in 2’6″ USHJA Hunters
    • JSM Starboy (owned by Mary Bernardo): 1st¬†& 2nd¬†in 1.30m Jumpers
    • Pinot del Sole (owned by Annabella Wyman): 4th¬†& 5th¬†in 3’6″-3’9″ Green/High Performance Hunters
    • Zaza Z (owned by Rolling Acres Farm): 4th¬†in $10,000 Welcome Stakes
  • Jeri Ryan of The Frame Sport Horses with¬†Le Goff (for sale!): 1st¬†in 1.10m 5-year-old Young Jumper Stakes
  • Brett Shear-Heyman of Penny Leigh with ‚Ķ
    • My Type (owned by Kate Chan): 2nd¬†& 5th¬†in 2’6″ USHJA Hunters
    • Sassoon (for sale!): 1st¬†& 4th¬†in 2’6″ USHJA Hunters + 2nd¬†& 2nd¬†in 2’9″ USHJA Hunters
  • Ashley Worthington of Rolling Acres Show Stables with ‚Ķ
    • Diadarco¬†van¬†Evendael¬†Z (owned by Rolling Acres Farm): 2nd in 1.30m Jumpers + 10th¬†in $10,000 Welcome Stake
    • Lestienne¬†GPH (owned by Jennifer Mehalko): 1st, 2nd, 2nd¬†& 2nd¬†in 3′ Green Hunters + 6th¬†in 3′-3’3″ USHJA Green Incentive
    • Roxy de Virton (owned by Emmy Middleton): 1st¬†in 0.90m Schooling Jumpers
    • Tempranillo (owned by Rolling Acres Farm): 2nd¬†in 1.0m Jumpers
    • Val de Weiser (owned by Madnick Equine): 5th¬†in 3′ Low Hunters
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