Congratulations to our incredible #TeamMLE riders!

Congratulations to our incredible #TeamMLE riders!

Congratulations to our incredible #TeamMLE riders on another great weekend!

Big shout out to Skeyler Voss of Morningside Eventing for her outstanding 1st place finish in the Advanced Combined Test at Five Points Horse Trials in Raeford, NC, with Argyle, owned by The Argyle Syndicate.

Next, we would like to congratulate our riders who were out at the CDCTA Fall Horse Trials in Berryville, VA.

First, congratulations to Katilin Clasing of Clasing Equestrian for her impressive 4th place in Open Novice-1 with TGS Sunshine, owned by Ann O’Donnell.

Next up, we’re celebrating Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses who secured a fantastic 2nd place Open Novice-1 with Sophia Thareso, owned by Julia McHugh.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Let’s give a round of applause to Megan Hopkins, who had two fabulous runs. Megan, who happens to be the daughter of our world class Client Coordination Melissa, clinched a 5th place in Open Training and the TIP Training Reserve Champion with Nevertheless, AND a 3rd place in Open Preliminary and the TIP Preliminary Championship with Night Moves.

At MLE we’re more than a team of people who work behind the scenes to help support equestrians and equestrian businesses, we ARE equestrians! We are out on the weekends driving trailers, grooming, riding, and competing!

A huge round of applause to all of our riders for their remarkable performances!

9/10: CDCTA Fall Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Kaitlin Clasing of Clasing Equestrian with …
    • Nonpareil SPF (owned by Tracy Geller): 7th in Open Training
    • TGS Sunshine (owned by Ann O’Donnell): 4th in Open Novice-1
    • Whiskey Chaser: 10th in Open Novice-1
  • Suze Cornue of Destination Eventing with Aiken on Tap: 6th in Open Training
  • Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses with Sophia Tharseo (owned by Julia McHugh): 2nd in Open Novice-1
  • Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses with Johnny Walker (for sale!): 8th in Open Training
  • Megan Hopkins with …
    • Nevertheless: 5th in Open Training + TIP Training Reserve Champion
    • Night Moves: 3rd in Open Preliminary + TIP Preliminary Champion

9/9-10: Five Points Horse Trials (Raeford, NC)

  • Skyeler Voss of Morningside Eventing with Argyle (owned by The Argyle Syndicate): 1st in Advanced Combined Test
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