MCTA Horse Trials

MCTA Horse Trials

Another great weekend for #TeamMLE! Our #MLEeventers really blew us away this past weekend at the MCTA Horse Trials at Shawan Downs.

Dan Clasing of Clasing Equestrian ended the weekend with a 4th place finish in Open Modified with Beryl. Caitlin Clasing, also from Clasing Equestrian, secured a 3rd place in Open Preliminary with Denis Glaccum’s Butts Arthur. Courtney Waskiewicz of Defying Gravity Eventing did an excellent job, finishing 5th in Open Novice with Lisa Smith’s Chancellor and 3rd in Open Training with Krysta Paradis’s Where’s My Tail.

A special shoutout to our #MLEintern Megan Hopkins, who put in a stellar performance with her new mount Altaskin Jack, finishing in the top ten in Open Preliminary!

Way to go teams!!

6/1-2: MCTA Horse Trials @ Shawan Downs (Cockeysville, MD)

  • Dan Clasing of Clasing Equestrian with …
    • Beryl: 4th in Open Modified
    • FVE’s Batman (for sale!): 8th in Open Training
  • Kaitlin Clasing of Clasing Equestrian with …
    • Butts Arthur (owned by Denis Glaccum): 3rd in Open Preliminary
    • TGS Lion’s Sunshine (owned by Ann O’Donnell): 9th in Open Training 
  • Megan Hopkins with Altaskin Jack: 8th in Open Preliminary 
  • Courtney Waśkiewicz of Defying Gravity Eventing with …
    • Chancellor (owned by Lisa Smith): 5th in Open Novice
    • Palm D’Oro (owned by Didi Callahan): 10th in Open Training 
    • Where’s My Tail (owned by Krysta Paradis): 3rd in Open Training
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