Plantation Field International

Plantation Field International

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news from the Plantation Field International! Normally we are all wishing we could be there in person cheering on #TeamMLE—but this weekend? We were secretly relieved to be snug at home this weekend, avoiding the torrential downpour, gusty winds, and chilly temperatures! 

Huge shoutout to Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses, along with the incredible Harthill Diamond owned by Theresa Foote and Madison Solosi. They clinched a top 15 finish in the CCI3*-S!

To everyone out there this weekend your dedication and perseverance – rain or shine (or wind or mud)- was truly impressive. Eventers have grit!!

9/21-24: Plantation Field International (Unionville, PA)

  • Dan Clasing of Clasing Equestrian with Butts Arthur (owned by Jennifer Larkin & Denis Glacuum): 20th in CCI3*-S
  • Kaitlin Clasing of Clasing Equestrian with Maberlinus M (owned by Jenni Bickerstaff): 12th in CCI1*-S—A 
  • Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses with Harthill Diamond (owned by Theresa Foote & Madison Solosi): 11th in CCI3*-S


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