Maryland Horse Council

Maryland Horse Council

Each quarter, the Maryland Horse Council, representing 30,000 members of the horse industry, has the opportunity to include its quarterly newsletter in the popular Maryland publication, The Equiery. The challenge is to make somewhat dry information visually stimulating to the reader. Each quarter, the Maryland Horse Council receives new memberships based on this newsletter.


MLE has been the ‘nerve center’ of the Maryland Horse Council (MHC) for over three years. Their services to us are comprehensive, including meeting and event management, communications and outreach, general administrative support, bookkeeping, membership recruitment and database maintenance, social media maintenance, sponsorship solicitation and support, etc.

With each passing year, MLE’s dedicated and reliable staff has worked hard to ‘get inside’ the workings of MHC, to understand and anticipate the needs of the organization, and to deliver prompt, high quality, highly professional service and support. As an all volunteer organization, MHC depends on MLE to keep us organized, on schedule and on track with our mission fulfillment. I high recommend Mythic Landing Enterprises.

Jane Seigler, MHC President

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